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Benjamen Chisholm


U.S. Army



Specialist Amber Ferguson married Private First Class Benjamin Chisholm just before he deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly after he left for overseas she was deployed to Afghanistan and was stationed about 80 miles from Ben. Ben’s consideration and care for others is something that defined him according to Specialist Ferguson Chisholm. She saw the evidence of his compassion in his volunteer work at Rocky Top Therapy Center in Keller, Texas. The Center provides equine therapy for people with physical, mental or emotional disabilities or challenges.

Linda Reynolds Doerr, Ben’s mother, explained that since about the fifth grade, Ben knew he’d wear a uniform once he graduated from high school. His participation in Junior ROTC in high school and the Young Marines, made an indelible impression on his personal philosophy. “That was his dream,” she recalled.

Ben’s mother wrote: In Memory of a Hero, Private First Class Benjamin G. Chisholm on June 17, 2012

Dearest Benji – couldn’t get on the Internet earlier today because their network had been down all weekend. What a beautiful day today and my thoughts lingered over how thankful I am for the journey that your Dad and I shared that brought you into our lives and the light and love that you brought to this world and to all those around you. Oh the brightness of your spirit – how it just seemed to radiate from every cell in your body. When Lily (the Chisholm’s daughter) smiles and laughs – she has that same radiance – that same absolute joy. I am so proud of the man you became. I am proud that I can tell people that you are my son. You were a man of faith, a man of gratitude and gentleness. You were a man who served others and never left anyone behind. You were everything in a big brother that a big brother should be and they lean on you still today. I get to say that you were a good friend to anyone who crossed your path. You were a husband – oh how tall you stood that day – and wow – a Dad – A DAD!!!! There are no words to express my love for you. I am so proud of you. I am honored by you. I will continue to try to do as you would have me do, knowing that you forgive my miss-steps and “flubbers”. Happy Father’s Day Sweetheart.

Ben defined his devotion to service, “I would rather give my life for my country than let some other man die because I wasn’t there.”

Benjamen’s portrait is also on Poster 15

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