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Bradley W Atwell

Kokomo, IN, US

U.S. Marine Corps


09/15/2012, CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan

SGT Atwell graduated from Taylor High School in 2003. He went on to attend various colleges, most recently, while in Afghanistan, at Thomas Edison State College. He needed just a few credits for his associates degree. During his deployment he was logging hours in order to obtain his journeyman’s license. Brad joined the United States Marine Corps where he worked as an aviation electrician and held the rank of sergeant.

SGT Atwell was a Freemason. His interests included firearms, off-roading in his truck. And baseball. He was a brown belt in MCMAP. Brad was a very loving husband, son, and brother, but most importantly an extremely courageous Marine.

At Camp Bastion, Afghanistan hundreds of Marines gathered to honor the lives of two fallen comrades killed September 14th. Marines constructed a traditional battlefield cross providing the opportunity to pay final respects. The memorial consists of a helmet with identification tags to signify the Marines will never be forgotten, a rifle with bayonet inverted signifying a time of prayer and a break in action, and a pair of boots signifying this was the Marines last march.

SGT Atwell was eulogized by a fellow Marine SSG Abraham Mojica: “He was of the highest caliber and quality of Marine and person. He was the type of person you run across every so often and you’re grateful that you had the chance to meet them because you know they’re on their way to something bigger, to making a difference. I miss him. It wasn’t a surprise to me when I was told he was one of the first Marines running up to division that night. He was a fearless Marine who will always live in my heart as a hero. SGT Atwell thank you for everything. Me and the rest of the guys really miss you, Semper Fi brother.”

CPL Mitchell Florea also spoke during SGT Atwell’s ceremony: “SGT Atwell was the true embodiment of Marine Corps values and traditions. He was an outstanding Marine, but more than that, he was an honorable man. SGT Atwell’s heroic actions will never be forgotten. He quickly rounded up every Marine and did not hesitate when it came to the call of duty, and like a real leader of Marines, he took charge of what needed to be done. He was a good husband, a great mentor and like a brother to me. Because of who he was, I will forever stand in complete reverence and respect for him not only as a great man, but also as a leader of Marines. If I do pick up sergeant, I wish that I could be half the man he was. We love you and miss you brother, rest in peace and one day I’ll see you again.”

“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.” Emily Dickinson


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