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Brandon D Goodine


U.S. Army



Denise Goodine Hock, PFC Goodine’s aunt, said Brandon joined the Army so that his life would have a greater purpose. “He had his daughter Katie at a young age. She is three now and he wanted to make sure he made something of his life and of himself. He has. He is a hero.”

Brandon’s older brother, Christopher, enlisted with him. He has been serving in Texas, and said he talked to Brandon just about a month ago, “It was so good to hear his voice. I was scared when he got sent over the Afghanistan, but also so proud of him. I will miss him for the rest of my days,” said Christopher Goodine.

As a teenager, Brandon Goodine’s life seemed aimless. That changed when his daughter was born. “He became a father at a young age, and with the economy the way it was, there was not much out there,” said his aunt, Denise Goodine Hock. “He knew he needed to do something for his daughter.”

More than that Brandon Goodine wanted to make a difference.

PFC Goodine is a graduate of Greenville High School, and attended Henry County High School. He joined the U.S. Army and excelled, becoming a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. He deployed to Afghanistan October 2011 for a year-long tour of duty.

“Brandon was not only my son, he was my friend and my hero,” his mother, Mandy Watson stated.

His young daughter gave Goodine’s life new meaning. “Goodine said, ‘I know what is involved. I know what it is going to cost, but I’m doing this for my daughter. From this day forward, everything is for my daughter,’” according to Mandy Watson.

Denise Hock explained that the response the family has received on Facebook is unexpected but is a testament to PFC Goodine’s sacrifice.

“The American people want to know their heroes. The condolences, prayers and thoughts sent our way – the only word is overwhelming,” she said. “All of us were raised here in Georgia. The majority of people who are posting are from all over the United States, and even England and Australia.”

Brandon’s portrait is also on Poster 15

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