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Brian M. Anderson



SPC,C CO 1st BN 87th INF REG 1st BCT 10th Mountain DIV Fort Drum,NY


SPC Brian Anderson enlisted in the Army in 2008 determined to serve his country. The flag flying at half staff alerted the community to the death. SPC Anderson had only been in Afghanistan three months. His vehicle ran over a roadside bomb, he was the only soldier killed in the explosion.

Brian was known as “Bucky” to the community. He was a legend at Broadway High School where he was an outstanding athlete in football and wrestling and is pictured in the Hall of Honor. Friends were in shock hearing the news, always thinking of Bucky as invincible.

SPC Anderson’s family is very proud of him noting that they had never seen him as happy as when he graduated from basic training at Fort Benning. “He loved what he was doing.” A few days before his death, Brian received a commendation for his positive attitude and ability to spread this positive outlook to fellow soldiers.

Anderson’s sister Jenny Anderson remarked that she had never seen Bucky so proud. “When he graduated from Fort Benning. He was happy. He was proud. He looked great in his uniform. He wore it like it was made for him.” Jenny never heard her brother complain. “I can’t recall talking to him in the past year and a half where he ever seemed down about what he was doing.”

It was Brian’s positive spirit that makes this loss especially hard for family and friends. David Hensley, a friend stated, “I guess I always just thought he would make it home. I mean in a fight he was invincible. He was good at it.”


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