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Brian P Shaver

Pelham, Alabama, US

United States Army

SPC, 167 Combat Infantry

Odenville, US, 07/31/2006

Brian was thrice decorated with the Purple Heart and received the Silver Star.

He fought in the Triangle of Death in Iraq.

These are his words:

“As for me, I have been through a lot in this past year. I am nearing the end of a journey. God sent me on this journey to find His purpose for me. It was a success. I’ve never felt more empowered or alive as I do now. All things are possible. The doors have been swung wide, the flood gates opened. Life is a fleeting thing. Let it flourish. I have no more questions as to my abilities. No questions of my confidence. My knowledge has been proven. My faith is a rock solid platform from which I can build upon. God has put me here to help people. I’m here to make life better for every soul. I will be a success at this mission for God has me covered. ”

My son, SPC Brian Patrick Shaver, fought bravely in the very “Triangle of Death” during “Operation Iraqi Freedom II”. He passed away on July 31st, 2006, stateside, in his own back yard.

He was 28 years old. He was healthy, happy, and as you can tell by his words posted above, ready to grab life by the horns and ride it out until the very end.

His words, what he experienced and relayed to me, have prompted me to create this website in his name, and in his honor.


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