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Chris Haselfeld


United States Navy

US, 09/21/2007

Brother…I don’t even know where to begin, Ive been searching all over for words to explain all of this. I remember writing you last year as soon as I found out that you were in a bad situation. I told you that I loved you and that my support for you to kick this cancer in the ass and send it away forever was unconditional. I wanted to jump on the next plane and come visit you. To hold your hand and be there for you. I can’t get your smile out of my head.

I remember many times we shared together, one that sticks out was when we were remaking the civil war in Bryans back yard, and people were forcing you to drink this fake blood we made so it would look all crazy when u would be spitting it up like you got shot, and it got a little out of control cause someone was pouring it too much, and I remember shooting him in the nuts with a bb gun for you, cause you were damn near choking on that stuff. Ive never seen anyone laugh that hard at someone else’s demise like that, it was the best! lol All for you bro.

We’ve had some disagreements too, but always made up pretty quick. More to life than to dwell on crap right? But we’ve supported each other a lot in what we do, like when you told me you wanted to join the navy that was awesome!! I remember how excited you were with the morning workouts and being a part of something important. You were very supportive that the fact that I help out my parents and that meant a lot to me and it still does.

I know you are watching us, and as selfish as it sounds I want you here with us. I’m glad to have experienced life with you. This isn’t a good bye, its far from it.

Its more like, I will see you when its my turn. We’ll raise some hell when we are up there for sure brother. You will be in my heart and memories forever, I’m not big on prayer, but I will take some time from each day to reflect and remember you, your family, your wife, and friends.

Rest In Peace brother I love you man.


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