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Chris R Thibodeau


U.S. Army



Christopher was born October 3, 1982 in Norwood, MA, raised in Marlborough, NH and settled in Chesterland, OH at age 15. As a youngster, Chris played baseball, soccer, and was a Boy Scout, and 4-H member. He displayed good leadership skills at the tender age of 14 where he excelled as a 4-H leader He taught other children about computers. Chris was always an independent individual. He worked summers in a local used bookstore, sorting and shelving books. He was 12 at the time. As an avid reader, Chris spent most of his earnings purchasing books.

At 8 years old, Chris saw the US Navy Blue Angels fly. This was the beginning of Chris’ ambition to serve in the armed forces as a pilot. He held on to this dream. Chris graduated from West Geauga High School in 2000, and Case Western Reserve University in 2004 where he joined the Army Reserves. While serving in the Army Reserves, Chris took a temporary duty assignment in Florida in 2006. This is where he was to fulfill his dream to fly and where he met the love of his life and best friend, LeeSandra. Chris began flight school training for piloting the Apache helicopter. And once flight school and Apache training were over, Chris set his sights on marriage. On June 12, 2010 Chris and LeeSandra were wed.

Chris enjoyed camping, hiking, taking photos, snowboarding, brewing his own beer, tile work, and building anything he could dream up. He was a jack of all trades. Chris had a terrific sense of humor, a quick wit, the ability to make others laugh, and a bright smile. He was caring, compassionate, who watched over his wife, his family and friends, and his two “sons” Moony, his Yorkie and Nolan the Akita. And Chris was over the moon when LeeSandra told him he was going to be a daddy.

A fellow soldier in Afghanistan explained that CW2 Thibodeau was an outstanding pilot. His skill in the Apache, and his courage at all times were two attributes he admired about Chris. Chris not only did his job to perfection, but could “fly the Hell out of the aircraft.” His smiling face will be missed. Chris will be remembered for his love of country, flag, army and family. He was an incredible man, inside and out.


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