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Chris M Mccloud


U.S. Army


04/01/2010, FOB NORMANDY, IRAQ

Christopher was born January 19, 1983 in Athens, Texas. He grew up with one brother Jason. Christopher played baseball and football until he was in middle school. In the 7th grade his mother decided to home school him and his brother where he remained until getting his GED at the age of 18. Christopher pursued a college degree in Computer Automated Design and worked for Red Dot Steel Building Systems in Athens.

When he was 15, I (Sheena McCloud – his wife), met him for the first time at church. We were great friends and he was my high school sweetheart. Shortly after my high school graduation in 2003 we got pregnant with our first son. Aidan was born January 13, 2004. We had our second Landyn May 12, 2005. When hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, Christopher helped build a shower and restroom on the back of a church in order to assist with the refugees that came to Athens. He worked all night with some of his friends to complete the project. Christopher soon decided to stop working at Red Dot and to travel to New Orleans where he worked with FEMA to help begin clean up.

In October of 2006 after returning home from Louisiana, Christopher decided that it was time to pursue his lifelong dream of being a soldier. After 9/11 Chris had a strong desire to stand and fight for our country. He enlisted and began basic training in November 2006. He completed both his basic and AIT at Fort Knox where he graduated as a Calvary Scout.

In March of 2007 we were sent to our first duty station, Fort Hood. We were only here for about a month before Christopher deployed for the first month. Because of his continuous missions and long amounts of time in the field, we were lucky to talk to him once every two weeks. On September 14, 2007 Christopher called me multiple times throughout the day and I was so thrilled to hear from him and be able to actually have a conversation with my best friend and husband. That night after work I drove home to Athens to spend the weekend with our families. When I arrived I knew something was wrong, and when I entered the front doors of my in-laws home, I was greeted by two soldiers who would give me the news that would shred my life to pieces. I was advised that while responding to backup due to an IED Christopher and three fellow brothers were hit by an IED killing all four. Christopher was killed on impact and ejected from his Bradley. The remaining soldiers were stuck inside the Bradley while it burned. After receiving more information in the following days it was brought out that the team that was working on the IED that needed backup was only a decoy in order to get my husband Bradley out.

Christopher was a loving husband and an awesome father. It has been three years since we lost him, and there is not a day that goes by that my heart doesn’t long for him to show up at our front door telling me that it was a mistake and that it has just taken him a long time to make it home. As much as I know that will never happen, I hold the possibility close to my heart. I have been blessed to have two sons that are like him in so many ways and I know that each time we are down and having a horrible time coping he is their watching and at peace with his soldiers. It is an honor for me to be his wife and I will never forget how he changed my life and made my dreams come true. Thank you for remembering our soldiers, it feels as time passes people don’t remember that each day we his family wakes up with half our heart gone. To know that there are those that remember and care is a blessing.


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