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Cody A Putman


Cody died on April 12, 2007 while during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He part of the Army’s 1st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, Alaska. He was a member of St. James Lutheran Church and a graduate of Twin lakes High School in the Lafayette, Indiana area. He was twenty-two years old

Cody had been in the service for two years. He had just recently married his high school sweetheart. His plans when he returned home included raising a family and starting college. Just three weeks before he was killed they had enjoyed a vacation as a young family.

Cody was born on August 31, 1984. He loved sports and was a very talented athlete. He was involved in baseball, basketball, and football in the East Tipp, Indiana area. He played his high school sports in Monticello. He was a 2003 graduate of Twin Lakes High School. Cody married his high school sweetheart, Mollie Grist, last September 14, 2006. Their, then 3-year old daughter, Madelyn, was part of the small loving wedding that joined the three of them together as a family. This was a dream of Cody’s. He wanted to take care of his girls. And that dream became a reality.

Cody was the youngest of three children, as his older brother, Harry (Bubba) reminded him often by nicknaming him “Peck.” When Cody was young, he was a small boy, a late bloomer. He grew 6 feet tall and his military weight of185lbs reflected the added 25 to 30 pounds of physical, and mental military muscle strength. His sister, Tiffany, would always try to wrestle with her brothers and would always end crying for mom. But there was a special closeness with his siblings. And Cody loved his nieces and nephews. He was becoming a great man. Cody has the extraordinary talent of being able to see the big picture in life. Whether it was a football field or a mission field in Iraq, he was able to see more than his assigned position and was able to help the entire team and get the job done. He would have been a great coach or an outstanding General. He was a natural leader and the military instilled that confidence in him. Cody’s life was a love story. He loved and was loved by all of his family and and his many friends. He will forever in many hearts.


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