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Daniel Ambrozinski


Polish Army

Captain, 1 Batalion Kawalerii Powietrznej

8/10/2009, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Daniel was deployed with the approximately 2,000 troops from Poland serving with NATO forces in Afghanistan. He was shot dead by a sniper in the Ajiristan district of eastern Ghazni Province.

He was commanding a patrol with dozens of Polish and Afghan troops when they were attacked by the Taliban. Another Polish soldier tried to evacuate Capt. Ambrozinski, dragged him 30 metres from the spot, called a medical helicopter and started resuscitation but Capt. Ambrozinski passed away. Later, the patrol withdrew from the position and Polish and American combat helicopters joined the battle. After six hours of fighting, Polish soldiers came back to the battlefield to collect the body of their comrade. In the place where Capt. Ambrozinski’s body was assumed to be, there was a body of an Afghan man, probably booby-trapped with mines. The Polish captain’s body was found later in a different area, thanks to Afghan civilians. Four other Polish soldiers were injured in the attack.

Aged 32, Capt. Ambrozinski lived in Jarocin (Greater Poland) with his wife and daughter. He previously served a tour of duty in Iraq. It has been announced that he will receive a posthumous promotion in rank and the Commander’s Cross of the Order of the Military Cross.


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