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Daniel M Morris


U.S. Army

SSG, CO A, 1ST BN, 12TH AR, 3 BCT, 1 CAV, [25 ID], FORT HOOD, TX

11/25/2006, AL JUDIAH, IRAQ

Daniel Marshall Morris was a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant. Born in 1978 in Oak Ridge, Tennesse, he always wore camo, dreaming of becoming a part of the U.S. Army one day and serving our country. On Nov. 25, 2008 at age 28, he passed away while on active duty serving in Al Judiah, Iraq. While on patrol in the Diyala Providence, he was killed by a road side bomb. Morris graduated Clinton High School in 1996. As a strong member of the Lakeview Baptist Church in Clinton, Tennessee and then the New Testament Church in Killeen, Texas he was well known by many. When Morris was of age 21, he enlisted in the army and became committed to our country and God. After his serving in the U.S. Army he wanted to go to Bible college and become a minister. Dying at the age of 28, Morris leaves behind his parents, one brother, one sister and one daughter.


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