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Danielle Hughes Crone




09/13/2010, KENT, WA, USA

Danielle graduated from Fife High School, Fife, WA in 2003 and joined the Air Force immediately after. Danielle had a heart for giving back to her community from passing out food to the homeless on the street corners, volunteering as a Big Sister, donating clothing to the AMVETS, and served as a driver for Airmen Against Drunk Driving. Danielle truly lived a life of service; serving proudly in our Armed Forces and as a lifetime Girl Scout. She loved riding motorcycles, hockey and hanging out with her friends.

Danielle began her military career as a Boom Operator, graduating from the Basic Boom Operator course as a Distinguished Graduate. She was assigned to 384th Air Refueling Squadron, McConnell AFB, KS. Danielle repeatedly deployed in support of Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM. While deployed, she flew more than 130 combat sorties and off-loaded in excess of two million pounds of fuel to 49 different coalition aircraft; facilitating combat missions to attack and capture enemy forces. In addition, she was handpicked to support the Presidential Lift for the Asian Economic Conference; off-loading 60,000 pounds of fuel. Danielle joined the 931st Aerospace Medicine Flight on August 16, 2008 as an Ophthalmic Craftsman. She was specifically requested by the 22d Medical Group to backfill in the Optometry clinic when it was undermanned; due to her stellar reputation, work ethic and history of selfless service.

Danielle is missed by her family and friends. Her parents treasure the beautiful portrait Michael drew and are very grateful.


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