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Donald P Christy

Johnson City, New York, US

United States Air Force

LTC , Air Force Space Command

Colorado Springs, US, 04/21/2008

Christy hailed from Johnson City, N.Y., among his other military posts, was the commander of the Baghdad Airport in 2004. After returning to the U.S. following his Baghdad Airport posting, “he attended the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and was then reassigned to the Air Force Space Command in Colorado Springs.”

Among the tributes at is one that is directed directly to him by a man from Foster City, Ca., who served with him:

“Don, It seems like yesterday that you and I were young lieutenants in Grand Forks. Back then your greatest worry was which video game you could borrow from me. I’m sorry that I lost touch over the years.

“I’m also sorry to hear that your life was in turmoil. My prayers are with you and your family. RIP my friend. I hope you have found peace and may your family find solace in this difficult time. As with your family’s wishes, I will be making a donation to a charity in your name.”

Donald Christy leaves behind his parents, two children and his ex-wife. Donald Christy was 42.


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