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Durrell L Bennett


U.S. Army


BAGHDAD, IRAQ 03/29/2008

Army Specialist Durrell L. Bennett wrote songs throughout high school and wanted to be a music producer. His dad urged him to hit the books and focus on more practical pursuits. In his high school years, “he and I would battle about that” his father said. But he was determined.

Bennett’s MySpace page read: Most of my spare time i love to do music thats my first love, im not tryin too make it big or anything like everybody else. This is just a hobby, but if it happens i wont complain.

Bennett, 22, of Spanaway, Wash., was killed March 29, 2008-just a few days prior to returning home-in Baghdad, Iraq, of wounds from an explosive and small-arms fire.

“We were elated about him coming home. It was about a joyous time and him getting here. We were looking forward to seeing him,” said his mother Doris Bennett.

“He says Dad I am out of here. I’ll see you. I said OK son I will see you next weekend. The next day I got the message,” said Dempsey Bennett, Durrell’s father.

When he returned home, Bennett planned to rent an apartment, where he and brother Darnell could live after the younger man graduated this year. He wanted to see me go to college, Darnell Bennett said. He was going to let me stay with him and he was going to help pay for my college. He was going to get his life set and we were going to get things started together.

“He was a joy, he was a joy,” said Doris Bennett. “He just loved people and he did as much for people as he could and he gave of himself,” said Doris.

He was a 2004 graduate of Bethel High School where he excelled, said his parents. He was a member of choir dance step team, the debate team, and the football team. He also was homecoming king. Bennett’s family remembers the kind-hearted soul who followed his father’s footsteps into the military.

“He actually told me he wanted to be like me, he wanted to be like me. He did well,” said Dempsey Bennett. “He was dedicated for what he was doing to his country. He loved being a soldier, he loved serving his country,” said Doris Bennett.

Bennett was part of the 4th Brigade, 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan. He just re-enlisted for six more years.


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