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Dustin D Gross


U.S. Army



PFC Dustin Dean Gross was the son of Angie Brown and Stacy Gross. He was a 19 year old native of Montgomery County, and a Montgomery County High School graduate.

A most effective way for the Gross family and friends to share feelings about their HERO is on Facebook. The memorial page for PFC Gross is amazing and an incredible way to express the many emotions surrounding the death of this special young man. It is important to understand the sacrifice of Americans serving in the military and their families, and Facebook gives people an insight into the pain and celebration of an individual’s life. It is the written and visual way to understanding how important it is to Never Forget all who sacrificed for us.

Here are two posts from the Memorial Page for PFC Gross on Facebook. The first post is a personal reflection of a family member. The second post explains the reason for creating the page.

I remember Dustin, Chris, and me swimming at our Grandma Sue’s every summer. We would always try to get out youngest cousin Elizabeth to leave us alone because she was so bossy and a know it all but what six year old girls isn’t. One year Dustin told her that if she went and got us sandwiches then he would let her ride around on his back in the pool. When she left we went and hid from her. She looked for an hour for us outside while we snuck back into the house and ate sandwiches. When we got older we all became friends.

This page is for the remembrance of US Army Private Dustin Dean Gross who died May 7, 2012 in Afghanistan. He was 19, graduated from Montgomery County High School in 2011, and was a resident of Jeffersonville, Kentucky. He is survived by his mother Angie Brown, father Stacy Gross, brothers Chris Gross and Chris Kendrick, as well as countless family members and friends. He was a wonderful person to be around. He was one of the best types of people to be around and was funny as hell. This page is to help keep his memory alive. This page if for everyone and anyone who knew Dustin so share your stories and pictures. RIP Dustin you will never be forgotten.

Dustin’s portrait is also on Poster 15

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