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Gerald E King

Knoxville, Tennessee, US

United States Marine Corps


Quang Tin, South Vietnam, 05/10/1968

We called him Jerry. He was the oldest of four sons of Ebb King Jr. and Joetta May King. His brothers were Dennis, Kenneth and Terry. Jerry’s parents are deceased now. His younger brother Dennis lives in San Diego while Kenneth and Terry still live in Knoxville where they all grew up. He was very loving and devoted to his family and would always put the needs of his family before his own.

He joined the Marines because he thought they were the best. That’s the way he did everything. The best he could. He was very proud to be a Marine and often wrote about the Marines he served with. He said they were like his brothers away from home. I know the feeling of brotherhood he was talking about. I was a Marine myself.

We found out on June 23, 2005 that after a little over 37 years his remains had been recovered and identification had been made. We are planning a burial service some time in September. I know my family will be able to give some kind of closure to this. My thanks go out to all the people involved in this recovery and my heart is with others who share in the same grief.

I can’t begin to say what a true honor it is for us to be his brothers. Not just now. This is something we always knew and felt. He was our world.

Dennis King 8057 Deerfield Street, San Diego, Ca. 92120

17 Oct 2005

Welcome home, Marine. It took a very long time for you to get here but you finally made it. Your family and friends were at the airport to meet you on September 13, 2005 at 1:39 pm when you got home from your journey. You have never been forgotten and never will. You left your mark on our hearts forever. You are a true hero.

Your family laid you to rest next to your parents on Sept. 17, 2005. You were honored not only by family and friends but many former Marines who heard about your story and know all too well, that once you’re a Marine you’re always a Marine. Semper Fi, my brother. You made us proud to wear the uniform. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

From a former Marine who wore his MIA bracelet.


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