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Jack Sadler

Devon, England, UK

British Army

Trooper, Honourable Artillery Company

12/4/2007, Sangin, Afghanistan

Jack Sadler was born on 19 February 1986. He was from Devon, but more recently lived in London. From an early age it was clear that Jack Sadler was destined for a military career.

Service in the Combined Cadet Force, University Officer Training Corps and a keen interest in outdoor activities led him to join the Honourable Artillery Company as a recruit in October 2005. He subsequently completed Recruit Training and went on to pass the arduous Surveillance and Target Acquisition Patrols Course, becoming a Patrol soldier on 11 October 2006.

Having completed his extensive basic training and obtained a degree in War Studies at the University of London, Trooper Sadler was keen to put his new found skills into practice and so he volunteered for mobilisation and deployment to Afghanistan.

On 7 May 2007 Trooper Sadler was posted to 4/73 Special Observation Battery and immediately threw himself into the comprehensive pre-deployment training package required of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force. Although a reservist, he had no difficulty fitting in and soon became an integral member of a highly effective and close knit patrol. He was ready and looking forward to the testing operations that lay ahead.

Trooper Sadler put everything he had into his training and into the operations that followed. He was a dedicated and professional soldier who had proved himself to be a reliable individual during demanding tactical patrols and in the face of the enemy. Trooper Sadler truly enjoyed his experiences as a soldier. An intelligent man, he was possessed of a keen wit and a dry sense of humour which he used to great effect whenever the going became tough. He was a key member of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force.

Trooper Sadler remained determined to join the regular army following his operational tour in Afghanistan. He leaves behind his loving parents.

Captain Jim McCaffery Royal Artillery, Troop Commander of 4/73 Special OP Battery, said:

“Trooper Sadler was an extremely capable patrol soldier who was going from strength to strength in this demanding environment. He was a very intelligent individual who would always offer suggestions after working through a problem or difficult situation. He rapidly became an integral part of the troop despite only being with us for a few short months prior to deployment. He was always keen to be in the thick of the action and would not countenance being left behind.

“His dry wit and his resilient character will be sadly missed and our thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.”

Ms MacDonald (Jack’s Mother) who still lives in the village of Clyst St George, where Trooper Sadler grew up, said: “He loved life and excitement and he liked to do things really well. He was exceptional at what he did [but] he was very unlucky. I was always really supportive of Jack. It was Jack’s adventure. I want people to remember him as a wonderfully humorous bright comet that had a very happy and successful life, and died too soon.”

Both parents said their son was fully aware of the lethal dangers of going to war, and, although they were fearful when he went to Afghanistan, they were immensely proud of his courage and sense of duty.


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