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JaMel A Bryant

Belleville, IL, US

U.S. Army


09/27/2008, BAGHDAD, Iraq

SPC Ja’Mel Anton Bryant will be forever remembered as a music loving person, and the type of guy who used ingenuity to remedy problems. He enlisted in the service in 2006 to become a better man.

There are lots of loving thoughts and stories of SPC Bryant expressed by his family. His grandmother and mother recall some of the kindnesses and actions that defined Ja’Mel and his distinctive qualities. SSG Bryant was thought of by his military buddies as “the type of guy who liked to help everyone.”

During an opera performance that SPC Bryant was attending with his family, he observed a little boy making a fuss and talked with the child.

“(SSG Bryant) he talked to the little boy and told him that he used to be like that,” Bryant’s grandmother, Barbara Eiland, explained. “The little boy apologized and the mother turned around and thanked Ja’Mel.”

“He wanted to be a better man,” Cecilia Eiland, Ja’Mel’s mom, said. “And he already was. He was very respectful to everyone. He didn’t care who they were or where they were from. He was better than gold.”

She added that SPC Bryant recently promised to take her to “The Price is Right” and Paris on condition that she lost 20 pounds, a goal of hers.

Ja’Mel loved music and children. He often passed candy out to children in Iraq, added his brother, Antonio: “He was always trying to be a mentor to another child.”

SSG Bryant taught himself how to play the piano and with his talents produced a rap song about the troubles he faced growing up for the purpose of helping other children experiencing difficulties in their young lives.

“The soul is healed by being with children.” Fyodor Dostoevsky


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