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James M Nolen


U.S. Army



My name is Rachel Nolen the proud widow of Army Sergeant James Michael Nolen. James was KIA in Afghanistan on November 22, 2009. He was in Charlie Company, 2/508 PIR, 4 BCT, 82nd Airborne.

On November 22, 2009 my entire world came crashing down around me. I couldn’t believe it I was 26 and a widow with a 7 year old boy and 4 months pregnant with our baby girl James always called his “little peanut”. James was my soul mate my one true love we knew from the day we met each other that we were meant to spend forever together. Not only is he just an amazing husband and father he is my best friend and my hero. He was the perfect husband. He couldn’t wait for our peanut to come in May. It just breaks my heart that he will never get to hold her or see her. When I told him I was pregnant I made him promise not to tell anybody until I got farther along so he just told his buddies that he was pregnant. He was so proud all he could do was talk about the baby and all the things we were going to do. He was so excited for his mid-tour leave in February so he could come home and decorate the baby’s room. Every time we talked he would tell me how many days till he came home to me, our son Will and little peanut as he called her. She was born May 7, 2010 and was named Jamie Micheal after her daddy.

He was so proud of Will that was his son he loved him so much. He would sign every letter/email he sent to him Love your dad James. They would spend hours riding bikes, chasing each other around the house having nerf gun wars breaking everything in their path, (James wanted to make sure he turned him into a daredevil just like him). A few weeks before he deployed he bought will a pair of ACUs and got everything sewn onto Wills uniform so he could be just like daddy. He even bought him dog tags. The look on James’ face the first time he saw will all dressed up was priceless he was so proud he went and showed him off to all of his buddies bragging how Will was just like him. His daddy was his own personal hero.

All I know is me and Will were so lucky to of had James in our lives his impact on Will alone was breathtaking. I just wish I could bring him back and give him one last hug and kiss and tell him how much I love him. He would always tell me when I got bummed about him being gone not to worry what’s a year when we have forever to spend together. I just wish forever wasn’t so short. I miss him so much. He is my hero and I will make sure will and Jamie Micheal always know how amazing there daddy was. As Will says ”daddy went to heaven to be an angel and god is teaching him how to fly so he can daredevil again.”

James leaves behind me, our little miracle Jamie, his step-son William, and both his parents.


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