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James Pizzo Jr.





SPC James Pizzo Jr. died suddenly on November 11, 2011.

U. S. Army SPC James Pizzo, Jr. was born on July 21, 1980, in Philadelphia, PA. He was raised in southwest Philly. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in July of 2008. He served as a tanker with Charlie Co 1-18 Infantry and completed his duty honorably with many awards and medals. His decision to serve his country was inspired by his family and his desire to provide a better life for his children. He loved his family and friends and put 100 percent into everything he did.

James loved anything Philadelphia. He was unique in his fashion, and loved a fresh white T-shirt which he would never wear twice. He always had a brand new pair of Michael Jordan sneakers that went back in the box as though they would be worth thousands of dollars later on in life. He took pride in everything he did, his word meant everything, and he could always be depended on to show up when he was needed.

SPC Pizzo died suddenly on November 20, 2011. His family will forever cherish his heart that loved them all so much, along with his infectious laugh and smile. He has always been, and always will be, their hero and now guardian angel, continuing to protect them, just as he did in the Army.

Beloved husband of, Lisa, and father of 5 children, Joshua, Alyssa, Kayla Rossett, Giovonni Serratore and Joseph Serano.

A reflection by Lisa Pizzo, SPC Pizzo’s wife:

My husband James was called “Pizzo” by everyone, he was known in south west philadelphia by that name and everyone knew him or of him. He had the biggest heart and loved 1000%, he had a saying that goes..”I got your back” and when he gave you his word he kept it. My husband was a family man and a amazing Father. He loved video games, food and music but most importantly his children. His favorite foods were Chicken Parm and spaghetti pie. He always had to wear a brand new white T-Shirt with a pair of brand new Jordans that he would wear once or twice and put them back in the box as if he was collecting them and they would be worth money one day. He was a protector, a friend and a veteran hero of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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