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Janos V. Lutz

Hallandale, FL, US

U.S. Marine Corps

LCPL, 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines

01/12/2013, Davie, Florida, US

Janos Victor Lutz was born on May 27, 1988 in Hallandale, Florida. Johnny’s interest in the military started early. He began shooting with his Mom at the age of 10. The events of 9/11 affected him greatly and he made a decision then that he would become a U.S. Marine. When Johnny was a freshman at Western High School he joined ROTC and was awarded as a sharp shooter. Johnny would graduate from Western High School in 2006 and enlist in the Marine Corps at the age of 18.

After graduating from boot camp, at Camp Lejeune, Johnny was assigned to the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Regiment. Johnny’s 5 year career in the U.S. Marine Corps included tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Machine Gunner. Echo Company engaged in some of the fiercest combat behind enemy lines in Helmand Province, Afghanistan during Operation Khanjari, also known as “Strike of the Sword”. Summer of Decision 2009, Johnny would lose 14 brothers in Afghanistan. For his brave acts of heroism, Lance Corporal Lutz received 13 service commendations, including the prestigious Presidential Unit Citation in 2009.

Although Johnny would return home safely, he was diagnosed with severe PTSD and TBI and was medically retired in November 2011. Now a new battle would emerge. The once fun loving, outgoing personality would soon disappear. Replaced with depression, survivors guilt, bouts of anger and nightmares. Sadly, 18 months later Johnny would succumb to the demons of war and take his own life on January 12, 2013. He was only 24 years old.


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