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Jarrett P Griemel

La Porte, TX, US

U.S. Army


06/03/2009, FOB GARDEZ, Afghanistan

SPC Jarrett Pearson Griemel graduated with honors from La Porte High School in 2006. Jarrett was on the swim team and was active in the surf club. After graduation he enlisted in the US Army with the hope and expectation that military service meant seeing the world and finding a variety of adventures. Jarrett liked taking risks. He was a daredevil growing up indulging in skydiving and cliff diving. He had a great sense of humor. Jarrett was extraordinarily caring and kind and liked expressing his affection for people by giving loving hugs.

Friends and family wrote about SPC Griemel in his guest book. The entries complete the picture of this fine human being.

July 22, 2009 To Everyone that wasn’t able to meet this soldier, he was one of the best. I can remember him always smiling even though it wasn’t always the greatest. I remember him telling me everything that he wanted to do in the Army. He wanted to go far in the Army and you could tell his love for the Army was strong. He was a sweet caring person. It’s a shame this had to happen to him. He gave his all for his country and that’s the way everyone should see it. When I found out my heart dropped. When I usually see stories like this and it doesn’t usually hit close to home but I knew this soldier. I served right by his side not too long ago. He was one of my battles that I trusted my life with, who I trained with, who I hung out with…It makes me proud to say I knew him and I served by his side. HOOAHHHH! You were always ARMY STRONG!

Candice- I’m so sorry for your loss. I could tell he loved you more than anything. You could see it in his eyes. Griemel’s- Your son was one of the best and you should hang your flag out front knowing he was all you could be. I pray for you and I am proud to say I served by his side. OH

June 30, 2009 Jarrett! You were an amazing person, always knew how to make those around you smile, you were absolutely an amazing husband to the beautiful Candice. She knows your watching over her even though your being a little sneaky about it haha. You were an awesome friend, always optimistic, like you always said we were the same, half glass full type of people. Nick and I loved being your neighbors in A! No one can replace our neighbors in B! : ) Nick and I love and miss you. You’ll forever be in our hearts. It’s still so unreal that this could of happen to you! I know Candice is a very strong woman, she’s holding up incredibly, I know you would be proud. You will never be forgotten! RIP Jarrett Pearson Griemel! Love, Nick and Janessa Reyes

June 14, 2009 My name is Candice Griemel, I am Jarretts spouse. He was a great husband and a true best friend…I will miss you and never forget you! You stole my heart when we met and you made me the happiest wife ever! and I will continue to think not of how your life got cut short but how you impacted mine and other peoples lives forever….I love you and wait for me on the other side of the pearly gates, we will be together again another day. Candice Griemel, La porte, TX

October 25, 2011 Jarrett was my big brother & everything he did, he did with a smile. He is very deeply missed & I will NEVER forget him. He was always in a happy mood even on his worst days. All he ever wanted to do was make others happy & he succeeded greatly, I am now 16 & there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of my brother. I love you Bubba & ill see you one day. I know your surfing the golden waves of heaven up there! Thank you everyone for all of your support, it’s greatly appreciated! Brianna Bearden, La Porte, Texas

SPC Griemel’s grave stone inscription appropriately reads: Beloved Husband, Son, Grandson. Lover of Life. Holder of Our Hearts.


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