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Jason D Calo


U.S. Marine Corps



Although Jason and Sarah Lynn had many plans for their future, for their little family, those dreams have changed for Sarah as she and her children must move forward without their cherished husband and father Jason. SGT Calo is universally remembered as a happy, energetic young man who always had a big smile on his face, especially when speaking of his family.

On his My Space page, Jason described himself as a proud parent who enjoyed country and hip hop music, as well as watching cartoons with his children. He bragged of how proud he was of his wife, doing an “amazing” job of taking care of “everything in our life, especially the two rug rats” while he was away on deployment. There was no doubt he remained in love with Sarah Lynn, commenting, “I have already met the woman I have always dreamed of…and married her! We have the two best looking kids in the world…”Jason posted his personal motto as, “Don’t worry, people, we will defend the country. USMC”

His friend Justin Trudeau recalls times when the two boys found themselves in trouble and punishment was frequently doing exercises or running, “He never gave up, kept on running, kept on pushing. That’s what I remember of Jason — a true friend that would stick by your side through thick and thin, didn’t matter the consequences or the payouts.”

High School principal Joe Clark, spoke with area media about his former student, who graduated from Mancelona High School in 2005. Mr. Clark talked about Jason who had received an honorable mention by the All Ski Valley Conference as a senior on the school’s football team. He further stated that as the football team’s quarterback, SGT Calo was instrumental in securing many football victories against other high school rivals. In addition Jason studied auto-body repair at the Traverse Bay Area Career-Tech Center. Mr. Clark also taught Calo in his science class. Calo “was just a friendly, outgoing young man. It’s just devastating. Every time I’d see him, walking down the halls, he had a big smile on his face. This is just gut-wrenching.”

Doug Derrer, Jason’s football coach expounded on the positive traits he saw in Jason. “He was more than just a player. He played with a big heart. When he was in school, he wasn’t very big, but he was a scrapper. He was definitely one of the leaders of the team.”

Ashley Pett, a Facebook friend of Sarah Lynn’s posted on her wall, “Wow just got the shock of my life…….you hear about people being killed in combat all the time… pray for their families and you feel terrible, but it seriously hits home when its someone you’ve known most of your life and served with in the military. Calo family I’m so so sorry for your loss, Jason will be forever missed and respected for all he has done.”

Enlisting in the Marines Corps in 2006, a year after graduating from MHS, Jason learned to help guide weapons to take out enemy fire, a very technical position with precision and excellence in performance a requirement.

Most of this article was respectfully Submitted by Sunny Deanna Shreve


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