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Jeremiah Pulaski

Glendale, AZ, USA

U.S. Army

SPC, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY

03/28/2011, Glendale, AZ, USA

A brave and strong-willed man, Jeremiah Pulaski was the United States Army’s perfect soldier. People that knew Jeremiah say that they could not have imagined him pursuing another life path. With an attitude on life that accepted no wrong-doings and gave him the courage to face the evil of the world, Jeremiah dutifully served and was stationed in Afghanistan.

Jeremiah’s mother Tammy recalls that the time her son decided the Army was right for him was directly after the attack on the World Trade Center. She said that September 11th and the incident with the Twin Towers ignited her son’s sense of patriotism and duty to his country. He signed up for the Army, and was enlisted soon after. He was sent overseas to fight far away from his home in Arizona.

Overseas, Jeremiah changed as a person. His supportive and loving family, along with friends back from his high school of Cactus High School in Glendale noticed that after his return he seemed to be more reserved. His old self that constantly objected to authority and faced his superiors head-on now seemed to have changed into a completely different man. Now he was much quieter and did not voice his opinion. He seemed more guarded, and always on the watch for something. Both of these qualities are often common with people who return from war, as battles and the ever-present fear of death seem to loom overhead.

The effect of war on Jeremiah is an effect that no one wishes upon anyone else. His death was tragic, but that is not what he should be remembered for. His family wishes that those who knew Jeremiah will remember him as he once was, before war: a sweet young man with an astounding amount of bravery and the overwhelming desire to help his country in a time of need.


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