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Jessiah Jameson

Bellingham, Washington, US

United States Army

SPC, 101st Airborne Division

Clarksville, US, 11/17/2006

The body of Jessiah Jameson was recovered from the Cumberland River in Clarksville, Tennessee Friday, November 28, 2008.

Jameson, 21, of Bellingham, Washington disappeared November 16, two days after returning from Iraq.

Jameson, a specialist with the Army’s 101st Airborne Division in nearby Fort Campbell, Kentucky, disappeared after leaving a night club in downtown Clarksville on the night of November 16, 2008.

An Army friend said he put Jameson in a cab and asked the driver to take him to a nearby hotel. Jameson never made it to the hotel. Neither his family nor friends have heard from him since.

His friends have searched the banks of a river near the club for him, and his wife and mother have been passing out fliers in town, Erin Jameson said.

My love… I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since you left us. I don’t think the pain of losing you will ever go away. Those horrible 2 weeks when you were missing and then after they found you… That became my living nightmare and it will stay with me forever.

I think I am just now starting to realize that you aren’t coming back. It’s finally starting to really hit me hard. You consume my thoughts and my dreams. I miss you more than I can ever say. I wish you could be here to watch our little boy grow up. He was only 13 months the last time you saw him and I can’t believe he’s almost 3 now. You would be SO proud of him. I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful son. He looks a lot like you and has so much of your personality. He is the one who can always make me smile, the one who keeps me going. He misses his Daddy.

Jesse, you were my heart, my soul, and my inspiration. Sometimes I feel so lost without you. I am having to completely reinvent myself now. I hope I make you proud. I hope you can feel my love all the way in Heaven. I will miss you every minute of the rest of my life and I can’t wait to be in your arms again someday. I know you’ll be there waiting… I love you, forever and always.


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