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Jessy S Rogers


I’m finally able to sign my precious son’s memorial. I miss you greatly sweetie! I’ve been able to take this tragedy, and use it for good…helping others just like me in this same situation…dealing with the loss of a child.

Jessy was such a caring and giving young man. He blessed each one of us, with a love for life. He loved snowboarding, shooting his 300 winmag, and riding his quadrunner. His smile was FANTASTIC!!! He was number 4 in line, of 13 brothers and sisters. He cared for each of his siblings. He dreamed of coming back to Alaska after his service to our country, and work again along side his 4 older brothers, in our construction business, and buying land, to build a cabin on. He helped build the cabin that we are now living in. We bought land without access, so each board and nail, etc…was carried in on our backs. Jessy, along with his siblings, was a HUGE part of our success in getting our place built, and the land cleared.

He was one month shy of his 21st birthday when he died in Afghanistan. It wasn’t the Lord’s will that he come home and fulfill that dream of building his own paradise. But Jessy fulfilled one of his dreams, and that was serving his country! He did so proudly too…Jessy was a born again Christian, so I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we will see him again in Heaven!

I’ve joined up with the AGSM (American Gold Star Mothers), based in Washington, and now I’m going to begin work here in our own state of Alaska, helping others heal and grow through each individual tragedy. I want to continue Jessy’s mission, right here on my own turf, right here where I can do the most good…my own state…my own neighbors…promoting FREEDOM in America, and SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS and their families, here, and overseas.

Your GREATLY missed sweetie! Your my hero!!! I love you. Donnetta Carol Rogers Proud mama of PFC Jessy Scott Rogers Freedom isn’t Free!!!

Mrs. Rogers and her husband, Dave, constructed two flagpoles as memorials for all veterans. Next to their home is a concrete pillar with a 20-foot high flagpole. It has the American flag on top, then the Alaska flag, followed by a 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade flag that was given to them by the 173rd. At the entrance to their driveway is another 20-foot tall flagpole that holds the American Flag, the Christian Flag, the “Never Will Be Forgotten” Flag, and then the Alaska Flag.

Private First Class Jessy Scott Rogers of Chickaloon, Alaska, died of wounds suffered from an IED explosion in Sarobi, southeastern Afghanistan, on July 23rd 2007, while serving with the 1st Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 173rd Airborne


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