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JJ Lipski

Madison, Alabama, US


Madison, US, 01/31/2007

“There is something about that little boy that is so kind and gentle I can actually feel God’s presence when he is near. His gifts blow me over.”

On a cold January night, a little boy’s life among us begins its final steps towards a life eternal!

J.J. is only 7, and he has brought to this world a miracle for life! This little guy, and the thousands of children struggling with terminal illnesses are HEROES! My thoughts are not original. J.J.’s Mom shared with a friend her dismay at hearing the media cover the death of a race horse referring to it as a hero, as her son lie in a hospital showing us grace, dignity and flat out guts!

Now I love horses, and Barboro was a great champion who died a tragic death, but J.J. is a hero, which I will define as a person willing to share his/her life to guide and direct the Spirit of all that is good, and all that is True, and all that is God with those who need him most. Yes, he’s only 7, and no he cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound. But his courage, his innocence and his faith do so much more for God’s creation!

Look at the smile of that little boy (see portrait), and see what God has done for YOU! Look at the Spirit within those eyes, and see what God has in store for US! J.J. Lipski is a hero, and those eyes and that smile only brings us closer to the God who sent him. Thanks J.J.!


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