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John G Borbonus


John George Borbonus is a Silver Star awardee. His conspicuous gallantry and fearlessness in combat action in Iraq is honored by this award. SPC Borbonus was assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, during combat operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. SPC Borbonus took action which saved the lives of those battle buddies around me in an exceptionally vast explosion. He was killed on April 12, 2007.

Army paratrooper John Borbonus had decided to go to college and looked forward to working out the details after returning from Iraq. He was 19 and the only child of Hans and Maggie Borbonus. John’s father Hans Barbonus, who owns a golf course and nursery, noted that his son worked briefly for him and mused that he’d send him out to clean and John ended up taking the golf cart for a spin around the course . John Borbonus had a tremendous sense of humor but was somewhat quiet.

John was born and raised in Boise. He was a member of the USA Ski-team and Snowboard team where he attended Wood River Middle School. He graduated in 2005 from Boise High School as a fine athlete and student. John joined the Army on July 16, 2005, and began training for the Special Forces as an Army Ranger.

John spoke fondly of family as he enthusiastically shared about snow boarding, traveling, hunting or fishing. He had the ability to make anyone laugh. He could come across as extremely shy, and then out of nowhere he would surprise you with a very imaginative practical joke. It was impossible to go into a conversation with John and not walk away in a better mood with a better outlook on life. SPC John Borbonus was a true warrior and embodied characteristics every Soldier should strive to emulate. As a Platoon machine gunner and dismount, his versatility made him irreplaceable. He was attentive and diligent manning the Platoon machine gun. He was proud of his role protecting Soldiers to the right and left of him. Over the course of his deployment John had come to excel in making intelligent and accurate split second decisions.

John was a big bold personality who grew into a tall, accomplished young man who had an impact on others. There are many instances where he influenced things, events, and people in a very positive fashion. He volunteered more than a hundred hours of community service to St. John´s Catholic Church. John changed lives and made a difference. He was surrounded by the love of close friends from the Boise High School Lacrosse Team, an extraordinary group of fine friends from all over Idaho.


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