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Joshua E. Barron




05/17/2015, WAIMANALO, HI

Joshua Edward Barron was a charismatic, adventurous young man who truly lived life the fullest. He loved his family with all his heart, a true family man to his core, and always made time for his friends. The Marines were his life, he wanted to be the crew chief of an osprey and that’s exactly the goal he achieved before his sudden and untimely passing.

Josh loved anything outdoors. He enjoyed hunting and hiking with his family, surfing, camping, if it was outside, our Joshy was there. He had a love for life that has never been matched. And Josh was always smiling, even when he was down. He was our protector, the second oldest of all of the children (sibling and cousins combined) and he took us all under his wing. He was a second cousin, but my children always called him their uncle and Captain America.

Josh was only 24 when he died and he leaves behind so many people whose lives were touched by him. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have a good thing to say about our Joshy. He was truly America’s hero. Josh graduated from University High School and upon graduation decided to attend Spokane Community College. Then he decided to join the Marines, and he did it because he wanted to be something more than himself, he loved us and that was enough for him. As Joshy said before he left “I’m doing this because you are all worth it”.

One of Josh’s favorite quotes was “Don’t take life so serious, no one makes it out alive” and Josh truly lived, breathed and experienced this quote every single day. He was adventurous and brave. He was a Marine.

Thank you for drawing our fallen Marine. It is the greatest gift these grieving parents could possibly receive.


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