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Josiah W Hollopeter


You said you wanted me to tell about my son……where do I start? He was my blue eyed blond hair macho, tender hearted boy!!! I have a picture of him when he was about 2 1/2 with his toy rifle in one hand and his yellow teddy bear “Sam” in the other. He loved animals, people and life.

When he was 18 he had to bury his dog that had got ran over. I looked out our window and saw this tough, tattooed kid digging a grave for his dog with tears running down his cheek. He grew up with a dad (Ken) that loves the outdoors and hunting. Josiah, his dad and brother Tyler spent a lot of time and made many memories on hunting trips. Deer and elk were the preferred prey.

Josiah was the middle child. His older sister became a single parent when she was a Junior in high school. Josiah became the best uncle our grandson could have. He would always take time to be with him when he came home and would get on his level to play with him. He is 13 years old now. Josiah told his dad that he wanted a fund set up for Kalen’s college education with some of his life insurance money.

One of his best friends spent an evening with us after his services. He told story after story of the wild things he did…..he said “I think Joe knew he was going to die young and so he packed as much life in every day as he could.” His name was Josiah….I think I’m the only one that called him that…..his friends called him “Joe”. He had a lot of friends and was always stepping in to take “the hit” for them.

In fact he was checking on his best army buddy, his Sergeant, when he got hit. He was a sniper and they were stationed at a building. Sergeant James had been up on top of the building by himself for quite a while. Josiah decided to check on him and that’s when it happened.

It is so hard to write…….I still think it is a bad dream. I miss my son. He was very proud of what he was doing. He told me many times when he was in Iraq that he knew he was supposed to be there. In one conversation he said he wished President Bush could get the victory before he left office.

I hope that what I am sending you is what you need for the artist. I really can’t tell you how much we do appreciate this act of kindness. Nothing will ever take away the pain but knowing other people care and remember is a comfort. I don’t want anybody to forget our sons and daughters that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

I know I will see him in Heaven…..he knew Jesus, but I wish I could see him here now!!!! I will miss him until forever.


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