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Keisha M Morgan


November 05, 2008

The Day that My World Stopped

The day that my world stopped Was like any other It wasn’t a special day Only to a mother

The day that my world stopped Was a normal day I did the same things I always do No I never had a clue I just never knew

That halfway around the world My heart had been broken Taken away

Without a word spoken Didn’t know at all that day That you’d been taken away And now you were gone Into the dawn

Yes the day that my world stopped Was like any other

Nothing different from any other day Except that you were gone away

I wanted to be with you

And hold you in my arms And speak with you once more And let you really know How wonderful you are My beautiful, wonderful star

The last day I spoke with you You had sounded so happy You said you re-enlisted Inside I felt so blue

Even though I tried To sound happy for you

You felt as happy as could be My darling girl, my Keisha Marie You, my 1st baby girl,

Yes you were truly my pearl…

And then six short days later A knock came at my door To let me know you’d gone

I felt as if I’d fall through the floor

The day that my world stopped My heart inside just dropped Till that moment it was like any other But Keisha I am your Mother I cry for you every day

I can’t believe that you were taken away

For this ache in my heart I can’t fix You were not yet 26

And now your home is in heaven Since you’ve been gone I feel unwoven

Yes the day that my world stopped Had been like any other

Except that now I miss you, My Darling Keisha, For I am your Mother.

Love Mommy……….

My Darling Girl, you have been gone since Feb 22nd, and I have missed you everyday…..I always love you, my baby xoxoxoxo

Diana Morgan


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