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Keith F Rudd


U.S. Army



Staff Sergeant Rudd is recalled by family and friends as an outstanding individual who touched people with a generosity of spirit that left a lasting impression. He was an extraordinarily kind, honorable and decent man.

Staff Sergeant Rudd is defined in these entries in his guest book.

April 15, 2012 To all those who have shared memories here and were Keith’s friends, Thank you. He was a father, a mentor, a teacher and a true hero. May his memory live on in all of our hearts. We love you Keith! Mom, Brandy, and Garrett. Janice Rudd

January, 2012- To all the wonderful people in my son’s life-THANK YOU! He has made me a very proud father, and I miss him immensely. He was a dedicated father, his girls, Christine (named for his departed mother) and Rowan, will always be in my prayers and support. All, please know your thoughts will also be kept for always… Sincerely, Always, Donald F. Rudd

November 09, 2011 I met Keith at the Flight Medic course in 2008. He and I met at the airport and drove to Ft Rucker together. During that drive all Keith could talk about was his children. They were his world and his life. The short time I was able to get to know Keith I saw that he was not only a great medic, friend, and soldier, but he was also an amazing father and person. Keith was the reason I made it through the course. He was always willing to help and listen. The Army and the world has lost an amazing person. We will always remember what type of soldier, father, and person Keith was. We will all strive to be like him and know what an honor it was to serve with him. Staff Sergeant Hockersmith

September 16, 2011 Keith was the one of the most professional soldiers I have ever had the honor of serving with. I also knew he was one of the smartest too. Every time I flew with Keith I had no worries about the outstanding medical care that was going on in the back. I still remember him playing that sax as loud as he could in the hanger regardless of what anyone thought; or carrying some musket he bought from the bizarre through the hanger with no expression on his face like this is normal. That was Keith he was extraordinary and didn’t really think so. I’m gonna miss his cool calm collective voice. RIP Rudd. Clinton Carter, Ft. Rucker, Alabama


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