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Keith J. Moore



PFC, 2nd BN, 14th IN REG, 2nd BCT, 10th MOUNTAIN DIV, Fort Drum, NY

10/14/2006, BAGHDAD, IRAQ

PFC Keith Jesse Moore Of San Francisco, CA died on October 14, 2006 in Iraq while serving his country. He was born in Newton, MA on January 7, 1978.

Keith enlisted in the U.S. Army around the time of his 28th birthday. It was his work ethic in basic training that set him apart from other soldiers. “He was a little bit older than the normal recruit,” his father, Clifford Moore explained. “But he was so committed, and he worked so hard that he made an impression on his sergeant.” PFC Moore was assigned to Fort Drum, NY.

“He was a sharp guy,” his father added. “He liked math a lot.” He was often heard picking the songs of Jimi Hendrix and other rock musicians on his acoustic guitar. “He was very caring and loving to his friends,” Clifford Moore said. “I think the Army would agree that he was a loyal and committed soldier as well.”

“Keith wanted to do something meaningful with his life,” his mother, Susan Turley said. “He felt that the Army would challenge him and that it would provide an opportunity to protect civilians.” Susan Turley said her son was eager to begin active duty and volunteered to join a more experienced unit so he could leave for Iraq early.

“The most important thing is my son served his country, and he’s a casualty of war…. He was a beautiful person. He died way too young. ” — Susan Turley, mother

Dear Friends: Thank you all so much for your kindness, support and prayers. Each letter brought us comfort and solace. We send our love and support to those who have lost their loved one, too. Know that you all are in our prayers with much gratitude. With love, Sue and Cliff(Parents of PFC Keith Jesse Moore) November 24, 2006


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