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Kelly B Grothe


U.S. Army


05/03/2007, AR RAMADI, IRAQ

Corporal Grothe was a combat engineer whose main job was to clear routes to maintain mobility for the rest of the Army, according to Lieutenant Wade Winegardner, a spokesman for Corporal Grothe’s unit. In a deadly start to the month of May, roadside bombs claimed the lives of eight Northwest soldiers.

A soldier from Corporal Grothe’s unit described him as being upbeat and quick to laugh. “Your heart was pure,” a posting on a social network read. “Everyone wanted you around them because if you were there, it would be a fun time. … I will never forget you.”

Corporal Grothe discussed his dreams of someday traveling to Germany and of his desire to go to college. Kelly was full of life from the day he was born. He was an amazing young man who loved his country and served proudly.

Corporal Grothe’s parents Jan and Brian Grothe expressed these thoughts:

Our son, hero and soldier of the United States Army went home to be with his Heavenly Father. He was born on June 27, 1985 in Spokane, WA. Corporal Grothe enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve in 2003 and graduated from Central Valley High School in 2004. In July 2006, Kelly deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. Kelly was extremely proud to serve his country and was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedoms and way of life. He believed in the mission and the job he was doing in Iraq. Through the efforts and sacrifices of Kelly and his fellow soldiers who are brave enough to stand for what is right, this world will become a better place. He was fun, loving, caring, and had a huge heart. We are all deeply saddened by losing such a fine young man, son, brother and friend but know he is now in a better place.

These entries are from Corporal Grothe’s Guest book:

May 26, 2007 Your mom and I just want to say thank you and we could never be more proud of your dedication and service to our Country. Your sacrifice and the sacrifice of the men and women who went before you will never be forgotten. We will always love you and you will be close in our hearts. We will be together again one day.

Forever in our hearts, Mom and Dad

April 21, 2011 My Dearest Kelly – We’re coming up on 4 years and the ache in my heart and the empty feeling inside feels the same as the day we received the knock on our door. I am so thankful for the short 21 years we knew you. You were such a blessing to us and everyone that knew you; for that we will be forever grateful. When the sun shines I think of your smile, when the rain drops fall I think of your tender heart. As the snow falls during the winter months I think of your adventurous spirit and as the leaves turn color in the fall I think of your restless nature. You are always in my thoughts each and every day. You were so many things bundled up into such a special gift. I am waiting for that day when we can be together again but until then you will always be in my thoughts. I love you!



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