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Kimberly D Agar

North Richland Hills, Texas, USA

U.S. Army

Sergeant, US Army Europe Band and Chorus

10/03/2011, Illisheim, Germany

Sergeant Kimberly D. Agar served her country as an American Soldier and was an exceptional individual to all who knew her. This tragedy has taken an outstanding young lady from her family and her friends. Words cannot and will not describe this tremendous loss and how much Kimberly’s death has and will continue to impact those still serving. Kimberly won her position as a vocalist with the US Army Europe Band and Chorus by virtue of her fine talent and commitment. Before joining, she was a valued member of the 3rd of the 159th Attack Reconnaissance Brigade, so much so that her commander came to wish her well at her final audition.

Kim went to Birdville High School, where she received a letter jacket for community service. After graduating in 2004, Kim attended community college. But Kim had attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, and Margy said college didn’t work out for her. She worked as a waitress and a lifeguard. When her older brother, Stephen, joined the Air Force, Kim was inspired. In 2006, she surprised her family and friends and enlisted in the Army. She was stationed with the 104th Transportation Co. at Fort Benning in Georgia.

In the summer of 2007, Kim was deployed to Iraq. She drove equipment across the country. Just a few months into combat, an improvised explosive device, or IED, hit Kim’s truck.

Her mother Margy was told a large mushroom cloud of dust surrounded the truck. The blast broke the truck’s windshield. Insurgents fired at Kim and the driver, who did the only thing they could. They kept driving through the ambush. After the attack, Kim was diagnosed with a concussion, hearing loss and insomnia, according to Margy and Army records. “They were very lucky they didn’t die,” Margy said. “But I look back and think it was a slow death.”

She was proud of joining the chorus and quickly became an effective musical ambassador in both Germany and other countries in Europe. Kimberly was such an asset not only to her unit, but the United States Army as a musical ambassador. She set an outstanding example learning music and choreography, leading the way for her fellow Soldiers. After she arrived in the chorus, it was only a short time before she actually became the assistant dance choreographer. Her dancing abilities were superb and she was able to help train the other members of the group in a very efficient manner. Recently, Kimberly was awarded with the coin of excellence from the Afghanistan Minister of Defense. Kimberly’s performance for the ambassador was superb and attributed to the Minister having said in his words “the best night of my life in thirty-years”. The impact that this loss will have is huge. Kimberly was loved and respected by all who knew her. Kimberly loved what she was doing. She always gave all she had and came to work fully prepared for the musical missions she was tasked with. Kimberly’s impact reached to the far parts of the globe and that she will never be forgotten by the members of her Army Family.


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