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Lorne B. Ahrens




07/08/2016, DALLAS, TX, U.S.A.

SR. CPL Lorne Bradley Ahrens was born May 9, 1968 in LA, CA to Bill and Charleen Ahrens in Los Angeles, CA. He grew up in LA and worked for the LA County Sheriff’s department for 10 years. He also played semi-pro football for the LA County Sheriff’s Department.

Wanting a fresh start someplace new and being a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan, Lorne decided to move to Dallas, Texas in 2002. He became a proud member of the Dallas Police Department. He met his wife, Katrina, while working for the police department where they both spent several years on patrol. They became engaged in 2003 and married in 2004. Their first child, a daughter named Sorcha, was born in 2006, a son, Magnus, followed in 2008.

Lorne loved music, taking his family to the movies, playing games, sharing his stories with EVERYONE, and his dog, Gozer. Lorne also loved being a Dallas Police Officer. Most of all Lorne loved his wife and children. He loved taking his children to church and teaching them about faith, history, how to read, fish, how to shoot, and how to be a good student.

He took great pride in attending the kids’ volleyball and football games and coached both kids in their sports. He and Katrina were a great team and functioned best when they were together. No one GOT Lorne like Katrina and they had a special bond that no one else quite understood. He will be loved and missed by all who knew him.

Lorne is survived by his wife Katrina, daughter Sorcha, son Magnus and many, many friends and extended family members.

SR. CPL Ahrens was shot and killed by an active shooter during a protest in downtown Dallas. He died July 8, 2016


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