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Lucas W Emch


U.S. Navy


IVO AR RAMADI, IRAQ 03/02/2007

Born in Akron on February 8th 1986, Luke lived in Brimfield for most of his life. Luke graduated from Tallmadge High School in 2004 where he was a member of the tennis team. He joined the Navy in 2005. He was a Corpsman with the First Marine E.O.D., a Devil Doc.

From a colleague:

“Hospitalman Lucas Emch was KIA in Haditha, Iraq on Friday March 2 by an IED. I’m sure everybody from my area has heard of this. It has been all over the local news. I wanted to tell Luke’s story for all of those who may not of heard.

HN Luke Emch joined the Navy I believe in 2005 to become a Navy Corpsman.(which is what I myself am) I cannot begin to speculate reasons why, I don’t want to pretend like I know more than I do because that would be a dishonor to him. From what I have heard “Doc Emch” (for those that don’t know thats what out Marines call us.) wanted to protect those who protect us. That in itself is a reason of my own. I love the Marines especially mine, and I’m sure Doc Emch felt the same way. I had the HONOR of being part of the funeral detail for Doc Emch. I met his Staff Sergeant who seemed like one of those “locked on Marines” who us as Corpsman really look up to. I didn’t really get a chance to converse with him very much, I felt kind of awkward talking to him. When I did get a chance to talk to him he looked at me and said that he is alive today because of Doc Emch. I can’t pretend I know how he feels, but I can tell you this, Marines are extremely protective of their Docs. When a Doc gets killed Marines seem to take that personally….anyway I’m starting to get off topic.

Doc Emch was a 2004 graduate of Tallmadge High school. He enlisted in the Navy sometime after that. He initally was a reservist attached to Weapons Co. 3/25. He was with 81’s Platoon, now my platoon. Doc Emch decided to go active duty. I myself did not know him but according to the other Corpsman in my Company he was a “good piece of gear” which is a compliment for those non military. They said they were sad to lose him, but Doc Emch yearned for more than the reserves could give.

So now we say goodbye to a fallen hero. Seems like an all too familiar story. So I ask this. I think eveybody should take some time and reflect on what is really important in life. Think about what we have here in this great country of ours, and never forget about those who have fallen, present and past, to make it great.”

Gone But Not Forgotten

HN Lucas Emch “Semper Fi”

Doc Emch is survived by his parents, Wesley and Julie Emch; sister, Samantha; and grandparents, Albert and Jean Schroeder of Chatham, Ohio.


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