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Mariusz Deptula


Polish Army

Private 1st Class, Not reported yet

10/23/2011, Ghazni, Afghanistan

By the decision of the commander of Polish Military Contingent in Afghanistan, BGen Piotr Błazeusz, the heliport in base Ghazni was named after Sgt. Mariusz Deptuła.

On the 23rd October 2011, during patrol conducted by soldiers from “Bravo” Combat Group, an IED exploded under KTO Rosomak (AMV). As a result of it Sgt. Mariusz Deptuła was killed.

During the ceremony commander of the 10th rotation of Polish Military Contingent called up that tragic day: – “We remember about you, Sergeant. You became a soldier because values as honour, courage and faithfulness towards companions were close to you. Together with your comrades in arms we are saluting you. This landing site will be named after you for eternal memory.”

Sergeant Mariusz Deptuła served in Zawisza Czarny 15th Giżycka Mechanised Brigade. He was a soldier since 2007. He left his wife and a daughter. He was 28 years old.


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