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Matthew J England


U. S. Army


06/08/2011, AN NAJAF, IRAQ

Twenty-two year old Army Private First Class Matthew J. England died June 8, 2011 in An Najaf province, Iraq. His unit was supporting Operation New Dawn, when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Hood, Texas. England entered active-duty service in September 2009 as an armor crewman. Matthew England was awarded the Bronze Star.

He’d been deployed since August and was assigned to maintain tanks and escort military convoys. Matthew England graduated from Lutie High School where he was known as “Matt-Man” by close friends. “He was funny and always had fun doing anything. He made anything funny really,” said his best friend. Matthew’s family moved to Ozark County from Tennessee when he was just a boy.

Matt was all over the woods and enjoyed playing in the water. He was full of life and full of spunk. His grandfathers served in previous wars and his stepfather earned a Bronze Star. That was Matthew’s goal as well. Matt-Man’s family is definitely proud of him for serving. It was no secret that Matthew’s first choice had been the Air Force, but his service and final resting place is his Army home. Matthew’s parents are from the Missouri community of Gainesville, Missouri and selected Fort Leonard Wood Veterans Cemetery as his final resting place.

On the day of Matthew’s funeral, Fort Leonard Wood’s Post Commander invited active duty and civilians on post to line the route of march as Matthew’s process of friends and family escorted Matthew England to his final resting place.


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