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Melvin L Blazer

Moore, OK, US

U.S. Marine Corps


12/12/2004, FALLUJAH, Iraq

SSG Melvin Leslie Blazer Jr. graduated from Moore High School, class of 1984. He had decided to make the military his career. With the support of family and friends SSG Blazer’s life and service were full. SSG Blazer was blessed with an amazing partner and eventually two children. Dana Blazer, SSG Blazer’s wife, described their courtship and eventual marriage: “We were such wonderful friends for many, many years. That friendship blossomed into a wonderful love. The stuff fairy tales are made of.”

“I loved him dearly,” Melvin L. Blazer Sr., Melvin’s father and a Vietnam Veteran said, “I was very proud of him.”

SSG Blazer was described by Rev. Sam Davidson, who delivered the eulogy for Melvin, as follows:

“He was a soldier. Thank God he loved and cared for his country. He loved and cared for his family. But foremost, and you ask what could be above a great soldier for this country and what could be above being a good husband and a good father to his children? The only thing above that would be a good Christian.”

Rev. Davidson relied on the thoughts of SSG Blazer’s wife, Dana, and other relatives to complete his eulogy. According to Dana Blazer, “To know my husband was to love my husband. Everybody loved him and admired him and respected him and held him in such high regard. He was a hero in his everyday life.”

MGY SGT Melvin Waters, who served with SSG Blazer, explained that Melvin always did a good job. “ He always had this theory that when you get to heaven, the streets will be guarded by the Marines.”

SSG Blazer was proud to help the people of Iraq, but also told his family that he was glad to be in the country for another reason. His grandmother, Velma Blazer, noted that one of the things that SSG Blazer was excited about was being in Iraq where Abraham used to walk. “He was where the Garden of Eden was, where Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden, right there in the cradle of humanity.”

“…Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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