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Michael J Beckerman


U.S. Army



From Michael’s mom:

Sergeant Michael Joe Beckerman was 17 1/2 when he enlisted in the National Guard. He served his first tour in Ramadi, Iraq for 18 months. He enlisted in the regular army while there and reported to Fort Stewart, Georgia where he did his second 15 month tour in Fallujah, Iraq.

His daughter Brianna was born during this time. He met her for the first time and spent two weeks with her when she was two months old. Michael finished his second tour when she was 10 months old. His third and final tour was Kandahar, Afghanistan. Michael had been there for seven months and was due for leave. He ALWAYS came home during the Christmas holidays but this time he wanted to hold off until Briannas 3rd birthday in February. His tour was supposedly ending in the April/May timeframe.

Michael was always smiling, upbeat, energetic and loved his job for most part. He planned to finish his gunsmith degree and he was working on finishing his 20 years in the Army. He was then going to open his own gunstore/shooting range. He loved his family and friends and went out of his way to go see everyone when he came home. No one went forgotten.

Michael was 6 ft 4 inches and would always lean down to kiss and hug his parents, grandparents, aunts and cousins as they were coming and going. He was a wild child during his school years but always knew and told everyone he wanted to be an Army man He truly thought he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof, assuring everyone he would be OK and that nothing was going to happen to him. He wore a KIA soldiers bracelet for another soldier everywhere everyday for years from his first tour. He lived large when home, always giving generously of his time, money, gifts, laughter and affection.

Michael was a hard worker. He had goals. He was an only child so he wanted things done now and his way even to the point of doing it himself. He could make you laugh easily and often. His wife was also a soldier. She had a birthday cake for him on his 25th birthday in theatre then saw him again on their 1st anniversary. That September was to be the last time they saw each other until she brought him home. He would have been so proud of the memorials, remembrances, tributes and the turnout to honor him. My son Michael is forever loved and truly missed. He was very open and shared things with his parents most young men wouldn’t. We can’t imagine never seeing or talking with him again.


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