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Michael P Scusa


U.S. Army



Michael always had a smile on his face no matter what. The guys said that they could tell when he was mad because of the smile he has.

Michael joined the Army right after he turned 18 and after he graduated in 2005, in July he went to boot camp at Ft. Knox. In Sept he was stationed at Ft Carson, and then in Oct he was deployed to Iraq for 15 months. He came home Dec of 2007. Michael had his son Conner in Sept of 2008. Then in May of 2009 he was deployed to Afghanistan.

Michael was killed Oct 3, 2009 along with 7 of his brothers in arms.

Michael was my youngest and was born with the whitest hair. He loved watching the History Channel and the Military Channel. When he told stories to us when he was home the last time we all sat up until after 3 a.m. laughing because when he told a story and the way he talked and acted it out, you just couldn’t help but laugh. The teachers said that he stood out not because he was bad or popular it was because he was polite and would help anyone, saying yes sir, yes maam.

The men he served with loved him and miss him, he would always say “It’s All Good.” When he would talk to me on yahoo he would always sign off saying “I love you mama, and bye 4 now”.

I miss that smile and wished I could see it again. Part of me died that day; life will never be the same. I am trying to live in two different worlds. I know Michael wouldn’t want me to sit and cry but I was both mother and father to him for almost 23 years. He died 2 days before his 23 birthday. His father wasn’t ever around and he wanted to be there for Connor.

Now I have to be the storyteller for Michael and to do all I can to make him real to Connor.


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