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Michael R Cohen


March 03, 2005

Mikey, I didn’t even know there was a guest book until today. I can’t even begin to explain how hard it is here without you. Every hour that passes makes my heart hurt even more because it’s another hour further from the last time i saw you or heard your voice. We received your things that were in storage in Hawaii. Everything in those boxes were so you. I dream about you often. I wish you could see my room and how I have reminders of you everywhere. I made a scrapbook that I think you would be proud of. I have a set of your cammies hanging on the wall above my head. I wear your clothes and listen to the music you stored on your mp3 player and just cry. I never take the locket with your ashes from around my neck. Your spirit is everywhere around us… but for some reason it’s not enough. It isn’t fair that I will never be able to hug you again or party with you or just get advice from you. You were my best friend… my brother… and now my guardian angel. I love you and miss you so much it hurts. Watch over all of us and help us get through this. Your scholarship has been growing amazingly! There are a lot of kids that are going to benefit from it. We are going to Hawaii when your brothers from Iraq come home for a memorial service in honor of the fallen. I can’t wait to meet everyone and hear stories about you. Semper Fi, Mikey… we are all proud of you.

Love always, Your Sister. Shelly Cohen, Jacobus, Pennsylvania

November 14, 2005

May Hashem bless his neshama. He died for a good cause and ended his life as a hero!!

Zev Bergman, Toronto, Ontario

May 27, 2007

I miss you every day, Mikey. This memorial day is for you.

Michelle Cohen, York, Pennsylvania

May 27, 2007

mikey i still think about you everyday. so many things about you will always make me smile.. i found some old pictures today from the last time we all hung out at ryans old house and threw blueberries at the wall. i will never stop missing you. love forever~katey

katey chynoweth, Ocean City, Maryland

November 25, 2008

Hey Mikey…what’s up? Well, I recently moved back to Florida and ya’ know what? In the long run, I feel like it’s for good this time. I moved back on Nov. 15th (but I’m sure you know that); and a little while before that I began thinking about “The House”. And no matter how “loud” it got, your humble “quietness” would always even things out. Dad and I recently got our attunements in Reiki; and I know you were there when that was occurring, during the 21 day process after and even now a few times since I’ve come back to Florida. I just wanted to stop in and say hi; and just like “The House” you are welcome here anytime Mikey. Love you, man. Have a positive day. Be Well, Kris

Kris Chynoweth, Port Charlotte, Florida


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