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Miroslaw Lucki


Polish Army

Warrant Officer, Not reported yet

8/24/2013, Ghazni, Afghanistan

At night, 23-24 August 2013, Afghan policemen from antiterrorist unit, supported by Polish soldiers conducted operation of taking over weapon and explosives. During action WO Mirosław Łucki was killed. Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak made decision about promoting WO Mirosław Łucki to the rank of Senior Staff WO.

The incident took place in Ghazni province. Polish commandoes supported one more operation of Afghan antiterrorist unit (Provincial Response Company, PRC) whose objective was to clear depot of explosives used by terrorists for attacks on coalition forces and civilians. During fulfilling tasks by the soldiers an IED exploded. As a result of the blast a few Afghan policemen and three Polish commandoes were injured.

The wounded were administered first aid at the scene immediately and MEDEVAC helicopters were called straight away. The injured soldiers were transported to Polish hospital in base Ghazni. Unfortunately, in spite of instant help the doctors did not manage to save WO Mirosław Łucki’s life. Life and health of the other soldiers who suffered during the action is safe.

WO Mirosław Łucki (38 years old) served in Commandoes’ Military Unit in Lubliniec. He was married, he bereft his son. He started military service in 1997, he participated in foreign missions a few times. He was a very experienced soldier. He served among other things in mission of Polish Military Contingent in Iraq, it was his second mission in Afghanistan. WO Lucki’s family has been informed about the tragic incident and taken care of by the armed forces.


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