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Navid G. Garshasb




09/04,2013, NAVARRE, FL

MSGT Navid Garshasb grew up in Shiraz, Iran. He moved with his family to the U.S. in 1978 at the age of 12. He graduated from Nottingham High School in 1984.

MSGT Garshasb joined the Air Force as a young man in October 1986. He served 19 years with an outstanding career in several different fields. In 1999 he was assigned to the 25th Intelligence Squadron as an airborne linguist. Having fled from Iran as a young boy, he was fluent in Farsi, learned five other languages, three of which are native to Afghanistan. He was always the first to volunteer for deployments. He became a Direct Support Operator (DSO) with the 25th Intelligence Squadron. He distinguished himself in the Intelligence field as an Airborne Cryptologic Linguist.

Just after 9/11, Navid deployed to Afghanistan, where his skills proved invaluable.

On November 2nd, he was part of a helicopter crew sent to rescue a special forces soldier. His job was to support the crew using his language skills to intercept any possible threats. Mid flight, the chopper crashed. MSGT Garshasb’s back and ribs were broken. His shoulder was dislocated.

Villagers, yelling and screaming, approached the mangled metal. “Navid ‘What are they saying?’ ” SMSGT Clint Grizzell asked. ” ‘Holy crap,’ ” Navid replied. Snow was falling heavily. MSGT Garshasb leaning on his teammates for support started the climb back to base camp.

They were approached by other villagers.“For the safety of your lives and the safety of your family’s lives, please go away,” MSGT Garshasb pleaded, again and again with the villagers. They left. The air crew was rescued and flown out of the area.

For his efforts, MSGT Garshasb was honored with the Pitsenbarger Heroism Award. He received many awards for outstanding service during his 19 years in the Air Force.

A brain tumor with which MSGT Garshasb fought for 10 years claimed his life in 2013. He was 49 year old.

MSGT Garshasb’s valor, intelligence, generosity, quick wit and selfless dedication touched hundreds of people.

At MSGT Garshasb’s funeral those who spoke told of his bravery, his selflessness in battle, and his kindness and genuineness in everything he did. He enriched their lives and in some instances saved them. MSGT Garshasb’s valor, intelligence, generosity, quick wit and selfless dedication touched hundreds of people.

MSGT Garshasb was a trusted volunteer of the Navarre United Methodist Church, Navid was baptized Christian in 2006.

“To have celebrated life with that man for over 30 years, I am so happy and so proud,” Joani Garshasb stated. “Now we have our own guardian angel.”


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