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Pedro J. Bulfon Estrella




09/23/2009, QUANTICO, VA

LCPL Pedro Julio Bulfon Estrella was born on November 18, 1982. He deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan

From a mother for her child, written in 2012, asking for a portrait of a hero for his daughter.

Hi there. My name is Shawna. My hero’s name is LCPL Pedro Julio Bulfon Estrella. as far as a biography goes, I’m not really sure how much I can give you, because he was only in my life less than four years. I can tell you that we have a gorgeous daughter named Lily. She will be 5 in August and despite the fact that her father passed away on 9/23/2009 she can still take one glance at her fathers picture and say “That’s my daddy” we were so in love, it was love at first sight. We fell in love so fast, and we never slowed down from there, and you know what? to this day I don’t regret it one bit. He was such an amazing soul and a loving father, and a dedicated and hardworking Marine. He was in the Marine Corps for about two years when he got injured(broken back) and had been discharged. Everything he went through had taken it out of him, that light in him that I loved so much was gone, and he was very much just a shell of who he used to be. I don’t know what went wrong and why, but shortly after our daughter’s 2nd birthday, he saw fit to take his own life, a brief moment in time that deeply scarred a lot of people who loved him, and left his daughter fatherless. It would be very important to me to be able to give Lily a beautiful portrait of her father, something to hang in her room alongside of his flag, to honor his memory, and show her the man I fell in love with. I hope you can help. I have attached a couple of pictures. Thank you Shawna


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