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Peter J. Ganci Jr.






09/11/2001, NEW YORK, NY

Chief Ganci was appointed to the New York City Fire Department on September 14, 1968. He served in engine and ladder companies in Brooklyn and the Bronx. During the following 3 decades Peter Ganci earned recognition and promotion in the department. He is cited for outstanding service, courage and heroism.

Peter Ganci worked diligently trying to stop the countless arson fires set in the city’s poorest neighborhoods in the 1970s into the early 1980s. The borough of the Bronx was decimated in these years. For his efforts Chief Ganci was appointed head of the Bureau of Fire Investigation in 1994. His next promotion was to chief of operations 3 years later.

In 1982 Paul Ganci received the B.C. Frank Tuttlemondo medal for performing an act of bravery and courage. B.C. Robert Scalone of the 28th Battalion‚ wrote‚ ‘without regard for his own safety‚ Chief Ganci‚ with unerring skill and accuracy‚ moved into an atmosphere heavily charged with heat and smoke. If it were not for his quick‚ skillful actions‚ the rescued child would certainly have perished.’ Chief Ganci explained, ‘When a firefighter realizes that someone is being robbed of life by fire‚ adrenaline and determination replace any thoughts of personal safety.’

Chief Ganci and William Feehan, first deputy commissioner, were killed in the second tower collapse having responded to the 9-11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. After a rescue dog located Chief Ganci’s body, his fire team pulled it from beneath four feet of debris.

Peter James Ganci will always be recognized and remembered for his distinguished service to the FDNY‚ but his greatest legacy will live on through his Family. He was a loving husband to his wife Kathy‚ and a devoted father to his children‚ Peter‚ Chris‚ and Danielle. His quick wit‚ his zest for life and his unforgettable smile will always be reminders of this hero.


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