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Peter W Schmidt


U.S. Army


11/13/2007, MUKISHA, IRAQ

Shiri Gradek, whose husband was a childhood friend of Peter W. Schmidt’s, said letters he sent from Iraq showed he was moved by some of the Iraqis he met, and marveled at their determination to live normal lives in a war zone. All the letters told of day-to-day experiences going into villages, meeting local Iraqis, giving candy and other highly valued items to children, she wrote.

Schmidt, 30, of Eureka, Calif., was killed Nov. 13 by an explosive in Mukhisa. He was assigned to Fort Lewis and worked as his company commander’s radio operator.

Schmidt ran cross country for two years and worked on the yearbook staff. He graduated in 1995, with the yearbook describing him as a well-known stud.

He is survived by his parents, Marianne and Michael Schmidt.

Memories of Peter W. Schmidt

Peter was the standout kid in a Sunday School class I taught. We would sometimes have Wednesday night Bible study class, and after study Peter would pull out the red, white and blue chip and a deck of cards and teach us how to play poker. For me, that’s a perfect memory. — Bertrand Proust

He was the smartest man in C Company, 2-23 IN. He could solve any problem you put before him. An inspirational soldier that always brightened my day. He always had a joke or witty remark to lighten the mood. The men loved him and so did I. I was proud to be his commander and friend. I am sad that he was taken from us, but am consoled by knowing he is with the Lord. Rest in peace Peter. — Eric Jnah

I remember the day I met Peter. First day on Fort Lewis. He reached out to me, invited me to hang out. But that’s how he was. Friendly, and just plain cool. We became friends. We went hiking, watched movies, drank beers, and talked about cars and bikes. He was a down to earth guy, and a great friend. Peter was a great American, and laid down his life for his country. That’s what he cared about most, serving his country and making a difference. I miss you brother. — James Kang

I really don’t know where to start. There are so many things about this man that I want to share. He was an exceptional person in every way. We worked together at Foote, Cone and Belding and then again at LookSmart. He was a phenom with a personality you wouldn’t believe. He defined charisma. — Erin Lee Moskowitz

Peter was one of a rare breed: lover of life, smart and funny, thrill-seeker but grounded in spirit, and honorable above all. I am proud to have known him, to have called him a friend, and to have worked with him at LookSmart. He taught me things that matter a great deal today, 11 years later. I value and cherish the memories of him and the joy he brought to so many who knew him. — Wil Weldon


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