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Piotr Mazurek

Poland Polish Army 1st Lieutenant, 15th Engineers Battalion 9/12/2004, Al Hillah, Iraq

Operations of Polish Military Intelligence as part of the VII rotation of the Multi-National Division Central South in Iraq have again finished in success.

On 19 September 2006, Firas Yassin Hussein A.J from the terrorist group responsible for the attack that lead to the death of three Polish soldiers, 2nd Lieut. Daniel Różyński, 2nd Lieut Piotr Mazurek and Pte. Grzegorz Nosek, was caught and arrested.

On 12 September 2004, a Polish patrol of sappers and soldiers were attacked not far from Al-Mashru.  Polish soldiers were shot by machine guns and armour-piercing weapons. Almost two years later, Firas Yassin Hussein A.J was detained in the area of the town Al-Muelha, about 1 kilometer from the scene of the tragic attack.

This is the second apprehension of such an important criminal by Polish Military Intelligence in the two months of operations of the VII rotation of the Multi-National Division in Iraq. Previously, on 28 August this year, a member of the group responsible for the killing of Polish Television employees Waldemar Milewicz and Mounir Bouamrane was detained. Firas Yassin Hussein A.J and the killer of Polish journalists caught earlier belong to the same group At-Tawhid Wa Al-Jihad (Unity of God and Holy War). The group is involved in kidnap, murder and the theft of cars used later for suicide terrorist attacks.

During questioning, the detainee admitted to taking part in the attack and the killing of Polish soldiers as well as a range of other crimes. He is also responsible for an attack on an Iraqi police station in Tunis in which 5 police officers died and one US soldier was injured. From the roof of his home, he fired many times at the coalition forces base in Kalsu. He was also involved in the production of explosive devices used in road attacks, including at the entrance road to the base in Kalsu.


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