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Piotra Ciesielskiego


Polish Army

Junior Ensign, Not reported yet

12/21/2011, Ghazni, Afghanistan

33-year-old Polish Army Jr Ensign (1st Warrant Officer) Piotr Ciesielski, was one of five Polish soldiers killed in action on 21st December 2011 when his vehicle was hit by a road bomb. He was in a joint Polish American convoy heading for Rawza, eastern Ghazni, when the attack happened. He served with the 20 Mechaniazed Brigade Bartoszycka and had been in the Polish Army since 2005. This was his first overseas combat deployment.

WO Ciesielski, who leaves his wife and two daughters, was posthumously promoted to the rank of Junior Ensign (1st Warrant Officer).

The other soldiers killed were named as: Krystian Banach, Marek Tomala, Marcin Szczurowski and Lukasz Krawiec, all members of the 20th Mechanized Brigade.


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